Switchback FLD

I got a Harley a few months ago. Trying to ride when I can. Going for nice long rides in the Hill Country is easy from Boerne, provided the weather stays nice. I got a 2013 HD Switchback FLD. Nice part about the Switchback is that it comes with both hard bags and a windshield which are removable. Here is the bike with the gear on: and with the bags off: I’ve changed out all the lighting with LED so that it’s brighter and clearer.

Meeting Points

I hate meetings. Some are necessary, most are not. What I’ve noticed is that certain people will just start adding people to meetings and then the meeting has 20+ people in it. There is no way to negatively reenforce that they are doing something bad, especially when 17-18 of those people are just sitting there staring at the wall. The other situation is the 2-3+ hour meeting that doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Back on the Bike

Trying to get back on my bike. I’ve setup my trainer in one of my extra rooms with a TV and the Roku. Trying to ride for at least a hour a day, then hope to get to an hour in the morning and night. I think with that and eating less I can get down to where I’m “supposed” to weigh. So far 222lbs is the lowest I’ve gotten down to.

Static Site with CloudFiles StaticWeb

One of the really cool features of CloudFiles is StaticWeb. Essentially you can host whole static site within a CloudFiles CDN enabled container. I’m going to show you how to get a static site setup under CloudFiles. You need to have a Rackspace Cloud account, which you can get here. Once you have your account setup, you can get your API key from the control panel. Authenticating with Rackspace Cloud looks a little like:

Rackspace Open Cloud

The cloud is open. Rackspace announced it’s open cloud on Wednesday. Essentially CloudServers is now running off Nova, part of Openstack. CloudFiles, which is an implementation of Swift, has been for a while now. What I’m really enjoying about it, is we now have a whole suite of products to go with Servers and Files. Database as a Service (DBaaS) means you don’t have to run MySQL on your Server. The new mycloud.

Gone Fishin’


Very cool. Download, launch, done. It is super simple and hopefully will get some people wanting to use PostgreSQL more. It has a default db of your userid, no password. Set your app to localhost/ for dev work. You can create new dbs pretty easily. Much easier than installing MySQL. The real trick was getting psycopg2 installed. Once I updated xcode and installed the commandline apps through xcode it worked like a champ.

Got a kayak

I really wanted to get on to the water this summer and spend some time floating around. Didn’t really want to get a jet ski, because I don’t want to pull it behind my car. Didn’t want to get a sailboat or catamaran for pretty much the same reason. Ended up getting a Hobie Mirage Outback kayak. It’s a really nice little boat. One of the nice features is you can pedal it instead of paddle.

Twitter Idiots

My Twitter handle is @scotty. for some reason people think if you put a @ in front of a name, like @Scotty McCreery, its going to go to @ScottyMcCreery. That’s because those people are idiots. Those all go to me. Also, maybe people should look up with the real twitter handle is. Perhaps people should be smarter than a bowl of soup. I think I might be asking a lot though.