Hugo and Netlify

A friend of mine pointed out Netlify for hosting static content. I checked them out and shortly after creating my account, I was able to get this blog built, hosted, and added Let’s Encrypt SSL capability that I did not have before. No need to really set anything up except transfer the DNS to Netlify. It took less than a minute to get it setup, and another five minutes DNS transferred and done.

Using Hugo with GCP Storage and CircleCI

I have been usinag a combination of Hugo+GitHub+Wercker+CloudFiles to compose, store, build, and host my blog for a while. Recently, my wercker integration broke and wercker was also purchased by Oracle. I have been pretty familiar with CircleCI for a while now, so I decided to give that a try for this process. I also no longer (2 years) work for Rackspace, so I decided to move my blog to Google Cloud Platform’s Storage service and use it for my static hosting needs.

Updates, Is this thing on?

Is this thing on? I’m fairly sure no one acutally reads this blog, or maybe some people do when and if I post it as a “website”. It went from some ranting stuff to posting technical things related to my job. I have not been at that job for almost 2 years now, which is probably reflected in the fact I have not updated anything in a while. I do need to realign this to be more related to some of my personal projects again.

Using Wercker to deploy Hugo to Cloud Files

I’ve been using Hugo for a while now, on this blog, and my ham radio blog at One draw back to how I’ve had this configured is that I need to generate the content on my computer, usually my MacBook, then upload using swiftly. Swiftly is a great tool for this because Hugo cranks out the content to a directory called “public” and I can use the -i flag on swiftly to upload an entire directory to a container like so:

How to Create a RethinkDB Cluster on Rackspace Carina

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, most of my posts have been on my ham radio blog, so I thought I would post some cool things I’ve been playing with recently. Rackspace just announced Carina which is a container runtime environment based on OpenStack Magnum. When I signed up, I wanted to have something I could accomplish with this new technology and thought of RethinkDB and its clustering capabilities.
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