CloudServers with Salt

Salt is a python based infrastructure management tool. With it you can use a master to control a bunch of minions. One feature I like is the ability to spin up servers in the cloud. To start with you’ll need salt and salt-cloud installed. On your master you have to create a file with all your image profiles in /etc/salt/cloud.profiles, mine looks like: ubuntu_12_04_512: provider: openstack size: 512MB Standard Instance image: Ubuntu 12.


Switchback FLD

I got a Harley a few months ago. Trying to ride when I can. Going for nice long rides in the Hill Country is easy from Boerne, provided the weather stays nice. I got a 2013 HD Switchback FLD. Nice part about the Switchback is that it comes with both hard bags and a windshield which are removable. Here is the bike with the gear on: and with the bags off: I’ve changed out all the lighting with LED so that it’s brighter and clearer.

Meeting Points

I hate meetings. Some are necessary, most are not. What I’ve noticed is that certain people will just start adding people to meetings and then the meeting has 20+ people in it. There is no way to negatively reenforce that they are doing something bad, especially when 17-18 of those people are just sitting there staring at the wall. The other situation is the 2-3+ hour meeting that doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Back on the Bike

Trying to get back on my bike. I’ve setup my trainer in one of my extra rooms with a TV and the Roku. Trying to ride for at least a hour a day, then hope to get to an hour in the morning and night. I think with that and eating less I can get down to where I’m “supposed” to weigh. So far 222lbs is the lowest I’ve gotten down to.
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