Scott A Simpson



Dynamic and engaging leader who is technical and capable of delivering. Passionate about systems architecture, operations, software development and engineering, monitoring and metrics, and automation. Excited about big data and data engineering as well as data science. Experience leading world class development teams that delivered hundreds of millions in revenue.


Go, Python, Flask, JavaScript, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, RDBMS, SQL, NoSQL, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Google Cloud, AWS, SaltStack, Testing, Automation, Agile, Kanban, Leadership


Unity Technologies, Bellevue, WA

Head of Developer Services, Cloud Services October 2017 - Present

As the manager of the Seattle Services team, my responsibilities included growing the team to meet the needs of our growing service, lead the roadmap and product direction, improve team morale, and coordinate with other teams in Unity to release features. My teams were responsible for our Collaboration products, both services and the Unity Editor client, Diagnostics services, and our Developer Dashboard.

  • Lead engineering team of around 20 individual contributors to update, maintain, and build on Unity’s Collaborate, Dashboard, and Diagnostic products.
  • Drove product roadmap creation to help move product into a feature driven mode instead of just maintenance.
  • Led effort and collaborated with Product organization to create new products and product features to increase value of overall product line.
  • Developed engineering strategy for future of product line and organization.
  • Leveraged senior team members to create tech lead positions that assisted with technical project needs with the intent of giving some experience and mentorship with leadership.
  • Collaborated with many other teams at Unity globally to prototype and develop new product areas and directions.
  • Constantly evaluated personnel needs and grew team to meet needs of growing product portfolio.
  • Managed individual performance needs, both through mentoring and performance-based discussions.
  • Led and facilitated effort to containerize service architecture using Kubernetes
  • Facilitated major service migration to new cloud platform provider.

Gravity Brands, Los Angeles, CA

Director of Engineering March 2017 - August 2017

As the Director of Engineering, my responsibilities included building the engineering teams, developing timelines and roadmaps for new products and features, and managing those projects. Our major focus is marketing analytics, ecommerce, and logistics. My teams are responsible for developing solutions to fit those needs and any other engineering needs of the company.

  • Lead teams to create and develop system for a customer loyalty program, including integration into the current ecommerce and inventory systems
  • Lead the development of an architecture which allows for multiple brands without repeated system needs.
  • Designed and built Go-based API for loyalty program
  • Hired developers to fill specific roles

Rackspace US, Inc. San Antonio, TX

Director, Software Development Rackspace Private Cloud Storage October 2016 - March 2017

As the Director of Software Development for Rackspace Private Cloud Storage, my responsibilities revolved around testing and providing storage technologies to the Private Cloud organization. My teams were charged with developing solutions using OpenStack and leading storage technologies. These included Block, Object, and File System Storage solutions.

  • Lead world class team of software developers to create a fully cloud scalable file system as a service solution.
  • Participated in executive level strategy sessions to plan out direction of organization and Rackspace Private Cloud.
  • Collaborated with compute development teams to help provide a managed kubernetes solution for Rackspace Private Cloud.
  • Tested and vetted storage integrations with leading container technologies.
  • Tested and vetted leading commercial and open source storage technologies.

Director, Software Development Public Cloud Storage May 2015 - October 2016

As Director of Storage Development, my job was to lead the strategic direction of the Cloud Storage development organization. This includes roadmap planning, prioritization with product organization, and coordination with other groups.

  • Developed and built world class engineering organization and leadership.
  • Developed several storage related R&D initiatives into products.
  • Worked with OpenStack Community to develop guidelines for OpenStack standards.
  • Guided strategy with other Rackspace Cloud leaders, including Private Cloud.
  • Worked closely with Intel and the OpenStack Innovation Center to advance enterprise OpenStack features and adoption.
  • Manage several budgets for organization.
  • Manage several development processes and implemented development methodologies.
  • Develop and coach the managers reporting to me, as well as help develop their teams.
  • Received top percentile individual engagement scores across all teams.

Senior Manager, Software Development Public Cloud Storage Feb 2014 - May 2015

  • Managed Development and Operations of Cloud Files and Cloud Block Storage.
  • Worked closely with compute and network groups to build out largest OpenStack based cloud infrastructure.
  • Worked with partners and vendors to plan and secure infrastructure necessary for scaling Cloud Storage.
  • Worked to help plan strategy for Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Storage groups.
  • Participated in OpenStack Community and Summits.
  • Received top percentile individual engagement scores across all teams.

Manager, Software Development CloudFiles April 2010 - Feb 2014

  • Managed Development and Operations Team of the largest OpenStack Swift based storage system.
  • Worked to project growth and procure new equipment in timely fashion.
  • Developed new features in Openstack Swift and Rackspace CloudFiles.
  • Participated in Openstack Community and Summits.

Software Development Manager Lean Apps April 2009 - April 2010

  • Managed team responsible for maintaining companywide applications and services used by over 3000 users.
  • Responsible for working with offshore team of contractors to continually maintain company wide critical applications.
  • Worked with business to prioritize application development and releases.

Software Engineer CORE/IT June 2006 - April 2009

Primary responsibilities involved leading my team in supporting corporate goals through creating, maintaining and improving corporate software systems:

  • Built AJAX/Python based spell checking system that had to be seamlessly added to several ticketing systems.
  • Work with outside departments to coordinate interface changes needed to have system interoperability.
  • Maintain current systems by tracking down and fixing bugs.
  • Utilize source control and ticketing system in order to track projects.
  • Add functionality to current systems utilizing Object Oriented Concepts
  • Integrated new SSL solutions into existing code base.
  • Led a team in creating a service and tools to track virtualization product offering.
  • Created a service to add new products to existing database with an added category system.
  • Led a team to refactor our SSL offering to offer new SSL products and improved response time dramatically by automating process.
  • Led review of existing architecture in order to simplify and increase performance of systems.
  • Created ReST based web service to manage IP configurations for customer networks.
  • Added several new critical product offerings to system.

ADAWare, Irvine, CA

Development Consultant 2000 - Present

Primary responsibilities involved writing custom applications for clients as well as deploying eCommerce solutions:

  • Designed, programmed and implemented fully functional eCommerce system for several companies using PHP and MySQL.
  • Designed, programmed and implemented fully functional eCommerce system for several companies including Crower Cams and Equipment ( using Perl and MySQL.
  • Designed, programmed and implemented subscription programs for several international magazines.

St Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX

Adjunct Professor Spring Semester 2009, Fall Semester 2010

Instructed upper division class for undergraduate and graduate students, focusing on Python and the Pylons framework:

  • Created assignments to help students focus on Python principles and learn new concepts outside of class.
  • Created group assignment for students to create practical Pylons application.
  • Required students to present at IT Symposium at the end of the semester.

Programmer July 2003 - May 2006

Primary job function was to solve problems around campus:

  • Created caching database server using Python to log transactions and store in case of main system failure.
  • Created ID Card checking application and system for Gym to authorize student access using Java SWT.
  • Created several XML standards for information retrieval system.
  • Used XML standards to generate billing statements on the student information web site.
  • Used XML standards to generate degree audit product on the student information web site.
  • Setup and maintained Faculty and Student ID Card system., Irvine, CA

Senior Web Programmer February 1999 - July 2002

Responsibilities included maintaining existing eCommerce system, upgrading various components and providing new services:

  • Successfully implemented UPS XML interface with eCommerce system. No downtime was permitted.
  • Created mod_perl based keyword search module for search system that increased search performance 250%.
  • Created garage system which allowed users to store their vehicle and engine information for search purposes.
  • Modified customer service interface to speed up order processing 200%


Masters of Science in Software Engineering With Honors, May 2019
St Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX
Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering, May 2006
St Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX

Awards and Recognition

  • Eagle Scout Award, 1997
  • Dean’s List, St Mary’s University
  • Outstanding Student 2006, SECA, Engineering Dept, St Mary’s University