Back on the Bike

Trying to get back on my bike. I’ve setup my trainer in one of my extra rooms with a TV and the Roku. Trying to ride for at least a hour a day, then hope to get to an hour in the morning and night. I think with that and eating less I can get down to where I’m “supposed” to weigh. So far 222lbs is the lowest I’ve gotten down to.

Gone Fishin’

Got a kayak

I really wanted to get on to the water this summer and spend some time floating around. Didn’t really want to get a jet ski, because I don’t want to pull it behind my car. Didn’t want to get a sailboat or catamaran for pretty much the same reason. Ended up getting a Hobie Mirage Outback kayak. It’s a really nice little boat. One of the nice features is you can pedal it instead of paddle.
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